A New Year

This is not a new beginning, it never is. It’s a continuation of our journey just with another year of knowledge and experience to help guide the way. A new year gives us a pause to look back and to think forward.

Yes, this year was rough for all the reasons we know too well. But within all the chaos, as a community, we managed to accomplish some beautiful things. We raised our voices and used our talents and passions to tell amazing stories of personal expression. We painted canvases with strong and impactful conceptual stories. We created music that embodies the emotions of the moment. We created beautiful imagery. Our young designers came up to create fashion that speaks to this generation. We wrote poetry and shared our most intimate feelings. We saw many more brown people on the big screen and so much more. We all stepped up, and thats something to be proud of. We must also celebrate our failures; celebrate the fact that we tried and gave it our all despite the outcome. 

This new year, 2017, will be inspiring and powerful. We will push each other to do even better. We will be fearless. 

We look forward to meeting many more of you this year, to share our perspective and learn about yours. 

Happy New Year! We hope it’s one full of adventure, laughter and inspiration.

Atif & Humai

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