Adil Omar Brings Pakistani Hip Hop Heat With 'Margalla King'

Adil Omar is the only rapper from Pakistan that matters right now. Based in Islamabad, he keeps releasing work that is unparalleled. This week he dropped a 3-track EP, Margalla King, that truly explores hip hop's relationship with Pakistani samples and sounds. It's produced in collaboration with Talal Qureshi, an equally talented Pakistani producer also based in Islamabad. They call themselves 'Saturday Night Killing Machine' (SNKM). 

Adil and Talal recently performed a groundbreaking show with Diplo in Islamabad. This was a historic moment as they are the first people to bring this type of experience to Pakistan. Bringing music from Pakistan to the world's stage, performing at festival like SXSW and creating these unique sounds gives us something to be proud of. 

Adil and Talal will be performing in NY on April 1, so make sure you come out and experience this live.  

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Adil Omar : Facebook - Instagram - Soundcloud
SNKM : Facebook
Talal Qureshi - Facebook - Instagram - Soundcloud

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