Bad Beti: A Short Film

Bad Beti: A Short Film

What is Bad Beti? It's the idea that by being audacious and embracing yourself can sometimes lead to being judged and labeled. We often see this happen to our brown female youth when they don't fit into what's expected of them or when they push boundaries. Let's embrace our individualities and create a movement of positivity.

Our perspective on what makes a Bad Beti is simply that we support those who decide to own their decisions and live their lives how it feels right to them. This is unique to each person. A bad beti is a good beti is a beti. 

The short film came to life after we heard that BabbuThePainter and Hatecopy (Babneet Lakhesar and Maria Qamar, respectively) were working on an exhibit called Bad Beti. We vibed with the message so we contacted them to collaborate with us on creating visuals for the project. After discussing the concept and visual treatment, we filmed over two days in a bathroom, on a rooftop and throughout the streets of NYC. The duo came through strong with a lot of energy and Babbu absolutely killed it on camera.

In addition, a few other key players were integral to making this happen. Working with Amaad Bhatti for the sound design was a no-brainer. He has a talented ear for heightening emotions throughs sound, which he did brilliantly through this score. Priyanka Babariya's makeup work is impeccable. Richa Kalra was on the Bad Beti support team contributing to the overall vibes.

Bringing together such a talented team resulted in some pretty fascinating imagery in the form of a short concept film, which we're thrilled to share with you today.


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