Bakwaas Art You Can Wear By BabbuThePainter

Bakwaas Art You Can Wear By BabbuThePainter

Toronto based artist Babneet Lakhesar, also known as her alter ego Babbu The Painter, has been a strong female voice whimsically exploring the triumphs and struggles of first generation brown youth through her work. She's primarily a painter and fashion designer and pulls influence from mughal era art, bollywood films and her immediate social circle. She often blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary thought and culture and the results are dope.

Her most recent project, pictured above, is a hand painted denim jacket titled Bakwaas, meaning 'bullshit' in Hindi and Urdu. Accompanying the jacket is a small collection of 'Bakwaas" pins and "Aunty Next Door" iron on patches. Babbu's goal was to blend her love for fashion and painting into one form creating a new experience of people wearing her art. 



With this project Babbu also offers the option of customizing a piece from your own wardrobe. She explains :

"Pick a piece of clothing from your closet. Pick out a design. Send it over to Babbu and catch up on your beauty sleep while she works her jadoo (magic)."

That sounds like a fun way to commission a piece of art. I have a leather jacket in my closet I wouldn't mind Babbu doing her thing on.

Check out Babbus Dukaan to purchase the Bakwaas Jacket or commission a custom piece. 

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