Brown Kids With Big Imaginations: TARA

Brown Kids With Big Imaginations: TARA

We wanted to shine a light on our wonderful models for this campaign, our fellow Brown Kids with Big Imaginations. This is Tara:


What is your HYFN?
Indian American. 

Tell us about a dream you had that you can’t stop thinking about.
I keep daydreaming about singing at a small club, low lights and a beautiful fit. 

What is something that you consider art that others may not?
FOOD. There is so much history and skill that goes into cooking. I may not plate things like a chef, but the creation itself to me is so personal and so creative. It’s absolutely art. 

What does failure look like?
Failure to me is not being true to who I am. Failure is putting myself in a box and not doing what I want. Failure is appeasing others - whether it’s my parents or society more broadly. 

You have a completely free day, no work, appointment or obligations, what do you do?
Wake up and dance while I have my coffee, walk around a neighborhood that I don’t know, buy flowers, paint, take a bath, turn on my orange light and listen to bossa nova. 

What was the best part about 2020?
Learning about what’s most important to me without the noise of everyday - in life, that’s being an artist and expressing myself in mediums like writing and film. And learning about who is most important to me and who I trust, especially in the midst of a pandemic. For me that’s family and a few friends.


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