Brown Kids With Big Imaginations: NOVA

Brown Kids With Big Imaginations: NOVA

We wanted to shine a light on our wonderful models for this campaign, our fellow Brown Kids with Big ImaginationsThis is Nova:



What is your HYFN? 
My HYFN is Model/Actor/Creative.

Tell us about a dream you had that you can’t stop thinking about. 
One of my dreams is to attend the Met Gala in a unique piece made by a South Asian designer with a glam team of queer/BIPOC in my community behind me. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of my favorite museums and I love fashion so it would be a dream to not only to attend but also to give opportunities to talented people who aren’t always given that opportunity. If I eat, all my friends eat too!

What is something that you consider art that others may not? 
It can be said that art is meant to either elicit or express an emotion, so I consider navigating those emotions an art form since it’s part of that process. We’re not always given the tools to identify, regulate, or utilize our emotions despite how greatly they inform our actions. It’s unfortunate how we’re expected to be either unrealistically positive or unreasonably stoic to be respectable nowadays. I think there’s beauty in just being human.

What does failure look like? 
The moment you give up looks like failure. You should “fail” as much as you can but don’t stop trying if it’s important to you. The odds could be stacked up against you, but there’s no one else who’s you in this world. You have so much more to offer than you might realize. Success comes to those who persevere and don’t allow rejection to shape their self worth. Sincerely, someone who wanted to give up almost every day but decided to keep kicking ass.

You have a completely free day, no work, appointment or obligations, what do you do? 
I will one hundred percent be treating myself to a delicious meal either home cooked or eating out at a new restaurant. Before the pandemic I would most likely be in the city viewing some art but now I just watch anime.

What was the best part about 2020? 
It took some terrible circumstances to get people to come together, but people finally realizing the importance of community was the best part. It gave me hope because if it weren’t for these mutual aid funds many marginalized groups, creatives, families, etc. would have fallen through the cracks. We learned the importance of showing up, buying from small businesses, holding politicians and corporations accountable, etc. I hope we can continue thinking of the collective with our own individual choices.


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