Brown Kids With Big Imaginations: TAZ

Brown Kids With Big Imaginations: TAZ

We wanted to shine a light on our wonderful models for this campaign, our fellow Brown Kids with Big ImaginationsThis is Taz:



What is your HYFN?
At this very moment, it's simply creativity. But recently realized and accepted that my HYFN is evolving, forever changing and that's what makes it so joyous. It can be anything, at anytime complimenting a "version" of me. 

Tell us about a dream you had that you can’t stop thinking about. 
I can't stop thinking about living in the mountains, near a lake somewhere a simple quiet life with a flower garden in my backyard.

What is something that you consider art that others may not?
Managing one's ego + working toward ridding it.

What does failure look like? 
Opportunity to try again

You have a completely free day, no work, appointment or obligations, what do you do? 
WHATEVER I WANT!!! One thing I don't always get is "free" time. So when I have it, I sit still and allow myself to naturally gravitate toward whatever my body and soul wants. 

What was the best part about 2020? 
My discipline.

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