Brown Boy Showcase : Himanshu, Anik Khan and Humeysha

If you aren't familiar with Himanshu, you need to Google him or read his wikipedia page and get caught up. He's had quite an interesting career and has really influenced the brown creative scene in New York. He has been in India for the past 5 months participating in an artist residency and has just come back to NYC for a quick trip to perform at a showcase he curated at Baby's All Right.


The night started out with Humeysha, a band I wasn't familiar with but really enjoyed watching. It's hard for me to describe this type of music because I haven't heard this genre in the brown scene. I'll give it a shot: vibey south asian sounds mixed with psychedelic western pop? They're different and have character, and I appreciate what they're doing. This is a big part of why we started HYFN: to discover people doing unique things, to learn about their story and share it with you.



Next up was Anik Khan who killed it as usual. Check out the video. The energy he brought on stage during this show was on another level. Afterwards, Heems closed out the night performing with Rafiq Bhatia and Kassa Overall. 

What great energy.

The room was buzzing and the audience was caught up in the performances. Heems continues to raise the bar, bringing brown kids together to watch brown kids perform songs influenced by brown sounds. We didn't have this until recently and it's important that we continue to create spaces like this.




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