Drop 3 is here!

Drop 3 is here!

Our studio is filling up with product. We have our third drop next week and we're really excited about this one! 

HYFN is one of two businesses we run - the other one is our creative agency HAPPYMONDAY, and we are putting our everything into both. It's often challenging balancing the two, especially because we launched HYFN during the pandemic while HAPPYMONDAY was struggling to stay afloat. We have been working non stop to realize this vision and are proud of the way its taking shape.

Looking back, it all sounds nut, seems like bad timing and a lot more work and responsibility to take on. But we wouldn't have it any other way. This brand is being built with love because this is what we want to do. 

Timing will never feel right and anything worth going for will always be work, so sometimes you have to decide what matters most to you and just go for it.

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