The Launch of a Brand

The Launch of a Brand

Our hearts and minds have always been aligned with the South Asian diaspora and the creative community within. We’ve come a long way in the last few years rising up as entrepreneurs, writers, artists and creators of all kinds. Today, we see more brown faces represented all around us than ever before and it’s been an incredible movement. 

Today is the beginning of something new and we are excited to announce that we are launching HYFN as a clothing brand and storytelling platform. You've seen some of our stories already, we've been doing this since 2017. But starting today you'll see us bring ideas to life through tangible products that you can touch, feel, wear, experience and live with. 

We will design and develop collections of clothing and specialty products to create a new offering in the market that speaks directly to the modern South Asian hyphenated experience. At the same time, we'll tell the stories of South Asian disruptors in an effort to build community, empower and inspire. We intend to document the journey of creating this brand and to share our learnings at every stage of the process.

Earlier this year we created a face mask and a t-shirt, which reached hundreds of people and helped South Asian diaspora creators financially affected by COVID-19. We partnered with the India Center's South Asian Arts Resiliency Fund to make this happen. This served as a proof of concept and showed us how important it is to keep this idea going.

You can learn more about HYFN and our mission statement here.

This blog will be a space where we regularly share the ups and downs of our journey, bookmark it.

Instagram is our visual mood board and daily updates @HYFN.

Youtube is where all our videos will live, subscribe here.

TikTok is coming soon.

And lastly, you can sign up for our email list at the bottom of this page where we will send discounts and info about exclusive drops.

We believe this is the beginning of something special and powerful, we hope you join us on this journey.

With so much love,
Humai and Atif

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