Our second release of SOUND-WAVES is a playlist curated by Zainab Hasnain aka Zeemuffin. She's a DJ, a social media wiz at The Verge and a photographer.

Listen to the exclusive playlist with sounds of strong women, old-school hits, and some current BLM anthems.

Learn about about her goal of this playlist below.


Can you describe your process of how you made the playlist?

I thought back on the protests that I've been to and the artists who have inserted themselves into the political conversation today without fear through their music. People like Solange and Vince Staples immediately came to mind for present day. From there I was able to see who influenced these artists and studied the revolutions from as early as the protests against the Vietnam war up to the civil rights movement. Each revolution has its rallying cries, the songs that define them. I looked and searched for those. 

Why the title Resist?

To me resist is a stronger word than "fight". Resist the urge for violence, resist with peace, resist with knowledge, resist with the right strategies. Resist to me encompasses our generations sentiment to the hate, inequality and injustices of our time. 

What was your intention behind this playlist?

To take listeners on a journey of the songs that define the resistance: and that resistance isn't just one movement. It's women's rights, it's BLM, it's the right to be accepted as a refugee, as a minority. I tried to hit all of those touch points: it's almost like a music history lesson on our country's continued resistance against our societies mishaps. 

Who did you want to inspire?

Anyone and everyone who has ever felt marginalized. 

What's your HYFN?

Pakistani-American-Explorer-Social Media Wiz-Writer-Creative

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