[New Music] Abir and Masego drop "WAVE"

[New Music] Abir and Masego drop


A few months back, late late at night, Abir, Anik, Humai and myself were riding around Bushwick when Abir took over the AUX cord and blessed us with a preview of new music she had been working on. Every track she played was fire and it was just nice to hear her lace these fresh sounds with her passionate voice. We ended up driving around in circles because none of us wanted to stop listening o these tracks. 

Today she dropped "WAVE" with Masego exclusively through Fader and started 2016 off right. 

She told Fader :
"This record is a celebration of discovering my own personal sound and riding that wave. There’s so much pressure as a new artist to conform and compete with what’s already popping—in my mind, that’s someone else’s wave and it might just crash into the rocks. Coming out of the DMV, I had been hearing about Masego for a minute, but I never met him before we linked at Blast Off Studios in New York — being the genuine and talented person that he is, he jumped on the record without hesitation."

Congrats Abir! We cant wait to hear what else you got for us in 2016.

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