Out2Lunch: New Horsepowar Music Video

Out2Lunch: New Horsepowar Music Video

We've got your first look at Horsepowar's new music video for OUT2LUNCH here on HYFN! It's playful, fun and full of energy just like she is. 

The track is produced by her good friend and radio co-host, Homeboy Jules, and Horsepowar says she didn’t realize how much she rapped about food until writing this song. The song is about

“being ‘out2lunch’ in a daze, a day dreamer, a Pisces living stuck in my own fairy tale believing anything is possible and obtainable. I always catch myself saying the wrong shit at the wrong time, which I always feel to be the right time. This song explains that. I reference Monty Python, Street Fighter, bhindi (okra), squirrels, Rick james, and my mom always going to Costco to buy bulk (shout out Kirkland products).“

There's a line mera naam joker about which Horsepowar says “I certainly feel like I’m a clown and I love being a clown and goofin’ around.”

This video hails a ton of strong female power. It was shot and edited by Baljit Singh aka Bsingh. It’s co-directed with Kay Ray who also stars in it. Hatecopy and Babbuthepainter appear in the video as well, and you can see Babbu’s denim jacket piece and Hatecopy’s artwork in many of the shots.

“It was such a fun day of shooting because it was just us hanging out. This video is a depiction of girl power aka girlPOWAR. I’ve realized my biggest support system in the music industry has been the sisterhood, especially within women of color. They've shown me so much light and love and helped deepen my inspiration for my work.”

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