Poppy Flowers Bloom in the Springtime of My Love

Poppy Flowers Bloom in the Springtime of My Love is Qais Essar’s second vibey single from his latest album Tavern of Ruin, marking his second collaboration with filmmaker César Orozco. Released today! In it he dresses up in a metallic silver space suit and roams the land searching for his love. 

You really feel Qais' personality in his work - the video is sweet and funky. Here’s what he said when I bombarded him with questions.

A psych jazz inspired declaration of love, I wanted the video to reflect the saccharin sweet but at the same time genuine sentiment that the piece embodies. I've been toying with the spaceman motif with the inception of my band The Qosmonauts, stemming from a life long obsession of sci fi. Negine Jasmine, César's colleague, suggested Salvation Mountain near the Salton Sea. Salvation Mountain is in itself an homage to God and eternal love. So we shot the video in one day starting from Phoenix, shooting at random places of interest en route to this magical gift in the desert. Its whimsy made it the perfect set for our story of Qosmo, a qosmonaut estranged from his love Qosima, who he is ultimately reunited with.
I had a very specific visual in mind so I took it upon myself to craft as much as possible. I spent a week doing arts and crafts, making heads of paper maché and hovering spacecrafts. Kevin Moore (local Phoenix artist) gave our lovers their faces, whose exaggerated features are reminiscent of old Mughal artwork.
Groovy and lighthearted, I hope it puts a smile on your face, and a song in your heart. 



Qais can be found on Instagram and Facebook. You can watch the video for his first single on YouTube.

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