6 Tips for Photographing Kids

6 Tips for Photographing Kids

All of our photography and content creation is done in house. HYFN is a new and different type of business for us and we aren't experts in e-commerce, yet. But we are teaching ourselves what works best and trying as many new things as possible for just that reason. Through all of the experimenting we'll understand what works best for our brand.

This was our first children's shoot. We've never shot with kids before so this was definitely a new challenge. Here are some of our learnings:

  1. Time to warm up. Give kids time to get into it. Count on scheduling a bit differently because things takes longer and don't always go as you have planned.
  2. Candy. Kids love candy. Enough said.
  3. Communication. Constant feedback and encouragement during shooting is helpful. Also having reference images and visuals makes directing them easier. Print these out and put them up on the wall.
  4. Music. Ask them what they want to listen to, make them in charge.
  5. If something isn't working, don't force it. You might have a specific idea in your head about what you want, but with kids you have to be flexible. 
  6. Truly make them a part of the shoot. Give them the camera to show them the other side. If you shoot tethered, show them what some of their photos look like as you're shooting.

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