We're back.

We're not gone. We’ve just been brewing. 

It’s been quiet on HYFN for the last few months but that’s about to change. Earlier this year we did a soft launch to test engagement and to see if there was an audience for this type of story. It very quickly became clear, after an overwhelmingly positive response, that there is a great need and desire for this conversation. South Asian creators and artists were excited about a platform that uniquely and passionately told their story and the community cheered us on with every piece of content that we put out. 

This happened quicker than we expected or were able to keep up with and a few unfortunate personal events took us many steps back. However, during the last few months we've looked at HYFN through a much more serious lens. This can no longer be a project that we do in our spare time and we are excited to announce that HYFN will be officially launching with all our effort and love this winter. We are committed to the creative efforts of this culture and will continue to champion the voices of this generation. 

With last night's election results, now more than ever, we need to come together as a community and continue to have this conversation, continue to collaborate with each other, share ideas and create. We must speak up for ourselves and challenge the perspective that has been forced upon us, challenge the ignorance and hate. Our culture is having a historic moment and it’s our responsibility to steer it in the direction that is true to us and take control of our narrative. This is going to be hard work but with your help we're sure we can continue to push the boundaries of what this community is capable of doing. 

Please continue to reach out and share your thoughts with us. We look forward to sharing this journey with you. 

Highkey, we love you all. 

Atif & Humai

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