Zayn Malik : Mind Of Mine

Zayn Malik : Mind Of Mine

Our goal is to bring you all types of stories. To do this, we'll sometimes invite contributors to share their voices on topics they're passionate about. For Zayn Malik's album release, we got Amaad Bhatti to give us his thoughts. Living a double life, Amaad is a practitioner of law and creator of music.

So, Zayn Malik. If you're brown, you know the name. Have you heard his new album?

Ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik released his solo debut album "Mind of Mine" on Friday and the boy did not DiSsaPpOiNt. It may not be on the same level as other solo debut acts (read: Justified), but Zayn makes sure to set himself apart from the bubblegum pop tunes he was making with One Direction. The album gives off major vibes of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, which makes sense considering Malay (Frank Ocean's producer) is all over the producer credits. It's very obvious Zayn is intentionally pushing the boundaries he couldn't with One Direction. He really wants us to know he's fucking and out being a cool badass. But for someone who wasn't even allowed to keep a beard with 1D because it was not "on brand" with the image of the band, his frustration makes sense and we are definitely on board with it. The real highlight of the album is really "INTERMISSION: fLoWer" in which Zayn sings in Urdu. Granted his Urdu pronunciation may not be the greatest, but a super bold and respectable move on Zayn's part. It's perfectly placed in the middle of the album and is easily the most interesting track. It's obvious Zayn is still figuring out how he wants to express himself as an artist and what he wants his sound to be, but this is still a great move for setting himself up in a new ... direction. Be sure to buy the album and support brown excellence. - Amaad Bhatti

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